About BMP

Hi, I'm Brian...

Welcome to my world of non-objective abstract art.


Being a mid-century modern kind of guy, my earlier life had little room for practicing and honing my skills as an artist. For some 55 years I perfected my abilities as a parliamentary reporter and editor by starting in the Senate of Canada and eventually working in the House of Commons. However, I satisfied my artistic interests by purchasing the art of others, reading art books and visiting museums wherever I happened to be. My focus at the time was very happily on raising children and all that entails.

Upon official retirement in 2009 my children presented me with a course at the Ottawa School of Art. That opened the floodgate of creativity. Though I would describe myself as being self-taught, I also studied under Danielle Doucet and Susan Ukkola.

In my world of NIVTOPIA, I use acrylics, acrylic inks, watercolours, encaustic waxes and found-treasures to bring to life the elements, shapes, forms, colours and textures of non-objective abstract art. Having no strict vertical and horizontal limits in the placement of these works, my ultimate goal is to create a versatile piece that can be placed on a wall to suit the preference of the new owner.

I initial the fronts of my art but the title, size, medium used, date and full signature can be found on the reverse sides.

In conclusion, art is my elixir. If any grouping of colours can be found in nature, it can be found on a canvas. Keep that in mind.

Send a message to bmpotvin47@gmail.com or call 613-299-4900 OR

Some 10 paintings are for sale and on display at T's Bar, 323 Somerset Street West, Ottawa. It is an all-welcoming bar, the owners of which, Les and Stanton, would be pleased to sell them on my behalf. Drop by to enjoy the art, sip your favourite and chow down on their daily special.