The following pieces are available for purchase. Please contact for details.

No. 226, The Prowl Territory

15x30 acrylic

No. 487, Tree Line

6x24 acrylic

No. 472, Mom, Dad & Me

20x20 acrylic

No. 418, Les Fleurs

10x12 framed acrylic

No. 488, The Tenement

14x17.5 framed watercolour

Nos. 325 & 326, Moon & Shine

pair of 4x4 acrylic upcycles

No. 483, Eggplants

24x36 acrylic

No. 364, Spires

9x9 acrylic on wood

No. 380

24x36 acrylic

No. 320, Strolling

24x30 acrylic

No. 482, Melting Masks

21x25 framed acrylic

No. 475, Grouping

10x10 acrylic

No. 328, Continuum

30x36 acrylic

No. 485, The Studio

18x24 framed acrylic

No. 478, Palm Trees

10x10 acrylic

No. 426, Pansies

8x10 framed acrylic ink

No. 486, Umbrella Trees

12x15 framed acrylic

No. 474, Farmscape

10x10 acrylic

No. 370, The Shawl

16x20 acrylic upcycle

No. 471, The Dude

15x30 acrylic

No. 95, Infinite  

30x36 acrylic

No. 136, Melting Crown

22x28 acrylic

No. 55, Country Weeds

20x20 acrylic  


No. 277, Looking Out

20x24 encaustic on wood 

No. 281, Asian Doll

20x20 acrylic

No. 121, Bird Watching

36x48 acrylic

No. 386, Redwoods

19x23 acrylic upcycle

No. 304, Purple Mist

30x48 acrylic upcycle

No. 254, The Queue

6x36 acrylic

No. 345, The Spotter

20x20 framed acrylic

No. 462, Aerial

10x14 framed watercolour

No. 331, Whirl

24x36 acrylic 

No. 390, The Pond

18x36 acrylic